dBaseWeb is a library compatible with the xBase compiler Harbour. It has been devised to build CGI multiplatform applications with a standardized semi-automated approach, that greatly reduces the development time and allows the reuse of code.

Harbour / xHarbour
Supported C Compiler (MINGW, Borland)

dBaseWeb allows xBase programmers to build web applications using many powerful dedicated functions that manage things like user authentication, session management, database management, forms creation etc.
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dBaseWeb Lite
dBaseWeb Lite is a free version that encompasses all the basic functions and allows to experiment the environment with the provided sample programs.
dBaseWeb allows to build web applications to xBase programmers having a limited knowledge of HTML, Javascript, CSS.

It is aimed at Harbour/xHarbour programmers willing to write CGI applications, programs that are to be executed by a web server.
Supported C Compilers  Borland C, MINGW (Windows), GNU C (Linux)

Why dBaseWeb Lite?

dBaseWeb was devised as an internal tool to ease the writing of standardized web applications. The software is stable and flexible, but has the inconvenience of being complex to use.
dBaseWeb Lite is a preliminary work that implements via the preprocessor the commplex calls to the underlying core functions, with a set of commands and statements relatively simple..

dBaseWeb Lite is provided as a precompiled library free of charge and free to use in your programs.dBaseWeb is a closed-source program and the reverse engineering or decompilation is prohibited. No warranties of any kind, implicit or esplicit, are given regarding the quality, the reliability or the fitness of the library to any particular purpose.The library is provided "as it is". Use it at your own risk.
Web aplications made with (x)Harbour are small, compact, blazingly fast.

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